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It’s odd blogging about my interests since they change more often than the seasons. Over the past couple years swift & obj-c have been my biggest interest. My niche interests change very often, sometimes even week to week. Some interests that I always come back to are iOS jailbreak tweak development, and open source (as mentioned below). I enjoy streaming programming on the weekends although my viewer counter rarely jumps over 10.

If you are looking for my employment history & github, they are mentioned in the footer.

Open Source

I enjoy contributing to open source, mostly just small bug fixes for a product I use. Heres some minor examples:

Sensible Side Buttons which allows mouse4 & mouse5 buttons to work on MacOS much similar to how windows OS handles the mouse buttons.

Jailbreak development

Please go check out my posts with the tweak development tag.

Work From Home Essentials

This is a compiled list of mostly my desk setup, although I threw in some other items for fun.

  • Razer DeathAdder v2 Mouse This is my work mouse, great ergonomics, side buttons are for forwards/backword in text editors + Xcode
  • Happy Hacker Keyboard 2 Best purchase ever (so far). Increased my typing speed over 9000%.
  • S Racer Gaming chair If you’re sitting in the same spot for 8 hours a day, you might as well buy a chair created by gamers who sit in it for 16.
  • Autonomous Smart Desk 2 Amazing desk. Cable management, standing desk motor, height presets, scratch resistant, power outlet for your desktop requirements, need I say more?
  • Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Great for streaming, it also has a built in microphone if you don’t want to buy one.
  • LG 27-Inch 4k UHD IPS Monitor It has USB-C support so it charges your Macbook while its used as a monitor. On top of that it has USB-A ports to connect your iDevices/peripherals. Frees up a lot of ports + amazing display.
  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm Studio quality headphones that has phenomenal comfort. Also have fuzzy earcups.
  • Macbook Pro Self explanatory.
  • Anker USB-C Hub Required if you use a Macbook and hook it up to multiple displays.